An EPIC list of 20 fonts for $10 or less

Are you a font hoarder like I am? Well, I have some good news for you. I curated a list of fonts anyone can use!

Typography and fonts can make or break your brand. So here are my top 20 fonts that are affordable and would look great in social media templates, a logo, and more.

And the best part? They're either $10 or LESS! 

1. Bloomy by KA Designs  |  Grab it for $8 

bloomy font

2. Camsay by Besttypeco | Grab it for $6 

3. Yorkshire by Mellow Design Lab | Grab it for $10

4. Charme by Typed One | Grab it for $2 

5. Geralia by fathialgazi | Grab it for $4  


6. Aara by Creative Whoa | Grab it for $8


7. Rollifast by Aksara Typefoundary | Grab it for $8

 8. Stone Hearts by Ryn Pojas | Grab it for $6 

9. Brown Pen by Suzuran | Grab it for $1

10. Polly by Reghardt | Grab it for $5 

11. Santreil by Nest Studio | Grab it for $9

12. Beauty by Ryn Pojas | Grab it for $6 

13. Island Tea by KA Design | Grab it for $9

14. Blonde by Pasha Larin | Grab it for $1

15. Key West by Digital Hustler | Grab it for $8

16. Calorie by dharmas | Grab it for $9

17. Ornate by Mike Hill | Grab it for $7

18. Bronx by Jen Wagner Co | Grab it for $6

19. Quesha by Nima Visual | Grab it for $9

20. Lanekcut by Graptail | Grab it for $8

And this concludes my list of 20 fonts. If you enjoyed this post and end up using any of these fonts in your branding, make sure you show us over at the Baby Got Brand Community! and leave us a comment in this blog post.

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  • These are so pretty!

  • YES!!!! Love the list.

  • Great list.. I have my eye on a few now. Thanks Jas


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