Don't be a "swagger jacker". It's not nice.

Don’t be a swagger jacker…term coined by my friend Raman. :P 

I understand sometimes we want to make some quick money or are struggling in our businesses, so we seek inspiration from fellow entrepreneurs or in my case, people just straight up jack my ideas and think putting a spin on it or changing a letter or number in their offer makes it different.


You are a swagger jacker and that is stealing.

I’m all for helping my fellow entrepreneur get ahead, make their mark, and I help my clients stand out by using their own voice and by being authentic.

But if you aren’t giving credit where it’s due — it’s simple: you are a thief.

You are also robbing your clients of an authentic experience.

The thing with copycats is that people usually know the difference between the original source and the person who is pretending.

People have jacked my copy, my content bundle ideas, my pre-made brand board layouts, my beta website ideas. I usually let it go but today I am putting my foot down. I have had enough!

Now, I am seeing my pre-made brands + website bundles idea circling around.

I recently launched, get a brand for under $500 with BGB and of course, now a handful of those deals are surfacing.

And, the exact same benefits are being offered. I try so hard to offer my clients the best they can get for their budget and price my offers accordingly. Because I simply care about branding and understand HOW important it is to put your best foot forward when you’re starting a new business and don’t have a large budget to spare.

So, I am disgusted to be honest. 

I have worked my behind off to get where I am. Yes, some people will say “be flattered” because imitation is a form of flattery. No, I don’t want the fucking flattery or the imitation. I want people to use their brains to come up with original ideas like I do.

If you fuck with my dollars, I will cut you out of my circle, remove you from my branding community and put you on a blacklist of people to not work with.

Integrity is important in this industry. If you will take money out of the mouth of your colleagues to put it in your bank account, you are not a nice person.

Please know the difference between inspiration and straight up swagger jacking.

Also, if this has happened to you have you handled it or dealt with it? Would love some advice.


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