Getting out of your own way and stopping self-sabotage!

Yeah yeah, we all hear the cliche "get out of your own way and get shit done".

But it's true. We all sometimes have the tendency to self-sabotage and get into victim mode when we aren't seeing the results we want in our businesses. The hard question to ask yourself is "Am I doing the work to deserve or see said results?"

If you're always broke, or not getting engagement, not getting the dream client -- take a step back and see what your patterns are and what you aren't doing. 

If you "hate" social media but you want people to "engage" with you and buy your products, someone tell me what is wrong with the statement?

  • You "hate" social media
  • Your audience can probably tell
  • Are you showing up consistently and not only when you "feel" like it?
  • Are you creating engaging content?
  • Are you spreading your horizons and networking?
  • Are you solely focusing on only selling things?
  • Are you offering them any incentive?

If you are guilty of any of these negatives, you are in trouble.

Same applies to any part of your business journey. What are you doing vs. what you aren't doing. 

I'll be honest -- I haven't been showing up very often for my businesses. I have been going through some personal stuff and doing the bare minimum is what's making me get by. 

However, it hasn't allowed me to meet any of my business goals and that's my fault. 

I made a conscious decision today to balance my time better and actually take steps to reach my goals over the next 5 months. 

What's a little thing you can today to get closer to getting out of your own way? 

I urge you to go do something you have been putting off! 

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  • I totally feel you on the business end, I’ve been just doing the bare minimum as well so you are not alone!!! Wishing you the best


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