Life is too short to work with Budget Betty's and shitty clients.

About to be real for a second. I’m not going to lie:

Emotions suck. Sometimes I feel too many of them at once and when you suffer from depression / anxiety / ptsd the littlest shit triggers you. And it feels like your world is upside down.

But I won’t allow anyone to tell me my feelings aren’t valid.

Life is too short to not tell people how you feel. It’s too short to stifle your feelings and stay silent. It’s too short to work with Budget Betty's and shitty clients.

If something is pissing you off - voice it. If someone is being an asshole, tell them.

If being friends with someone is more exhausting than fun, cut them the hell out. Seriously after finishing this email, take stock of who you hang out with and how they make you feel. AUDIT YOUR CIRCLE. The 5 people you surround yourself with is who you act like.

The 5 people I surround myself with 1) motivate me 2) don't cut me any slack 3) force me to do shit that makes me feel uncomfortable 4) support me and my dreams 5) are the best people I know and are also entrepreneurs.

Take care of yourself first. Nothing else matters. And I relate this back to my businesses and clients: if someone is causing me too much stress + anxiety by being unreasonable I let them know or terminate contract. 

No amount of money is worth sacrificing my health for.

It’s why I have such a tight screening process. If you don’t make a certain amount of $ I won’t work with you because people who want to pay the least for services expect the moon.

It's why Baby Got Brand products benefit the community, especially when they don't have the funds to invest in their brand when they're just starting. It's an opportunity to still work with me but without the expense.

I often get flack and hate mail for cancelling appointments when people select their budget.

I don’t fucking care. If you can’t afford me it’s not my problem, it’s yours. 

I’ve worked way too hard to be here. Don't judge people by how much they charge - judge them by how hard they have worked and the years of experience they have. 

My point: life is too short to not live by your code + feelings. Apply that to every aspect of your life and you’ll be so much happier.


  • Loving the realness!! Most people won’t give it to you straight. Thanks girl!

    Natalie //
  • Keeping it real Jas


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