There is too much information on the internet

I don’t know how to sort through it without either 1) being inspired 2) feeling like complete garbage 3) walking into a wall.

Some people put out the same old narcissistic bullshit. Let me give you fucking affirmations so your money blocks go away. Or let me guide you into leaving your 9–5 so you can be an entrepreneur. And, my new favourite is, “intuitive” coaching and some other nonsense. There is so much conflicting info out there that it makes me want to throw my Macbook out of my window and stomp on my phone. Who am I supposed to be listening to? Is there a right way to do things? Is everything just an art form, or are we just meant to wing it and let our angels guide us? Or why is everyone trying to be famous?

I have been watching a lot of Gary Vaynerchuk videos the last few days because I’m catching up. I feel like shit. I feel like I am not working hard enough. My personal life has gotten in the way the last couple of months and it’s made me put myself on the back burner and not care about what’s going on in my mind and body. I am sick. I have lost old friends because all I care about is growing my company. I have sacrificed romantic relationships over hustling. I prefer working over socializing.

Gary Vaynerchuk makes you feel like shit, yet inspires you to kick your own butt every single day. Like he says, it’s you vs. you.

I put my work before anything else, yet I feel like it’s not enough. I don’t aspire to be a millionaire, but if I become one it’s not that big of a deal. I don’t want a private jet. I don’t want a Chanel purse or a Rolex. I am not fancy. Those are dreams of a stupid Kylie Jenner or Kardashian wannabe. I am a regular, normal person who just aims to be comfortable. I want to be able to take my parents on vacations, and I want to be able to travel business class for a plane ride that is over 4–5 hours. It’s the smaller luxuries in life that I truly want to attain. Being able to drive to Starbucks and not feel bad for spending $5+ on a Caramel Machiatto because I can just drink black coffee at home.

I am not speaking of being frugal. I work 12–16 hour days on my business. I work with a lot of demanding people and I truly enjoy my work. But there needs to be an end game.

I don’t want to be fucking Gary Vaynerchuk, I want to be the best Jas Deol possible.

But how do I cancel out the noise and just focus on my inner voice? There is too much noise. Too much “be this, or that”, you need to be on so and so network to truly leverage yourself. I kind of miss old school marketing where everything was word of mouth, or you just gave a shit about talking to a person face to face, rather than blowing up their god damned inbox with a pitch and hoping you’ll hook em’ in.

And before someone says “what’s stopping you from doing __________”?

I just want to reflect and say, it’s obviously me. But, how do I “do me” without getting sucked into the million ways of doing things a certain way, or meeting the “status quo”?


  • I feel this so much and it’s one of the reasons why I am crippled and double minded about anything I want to do.

  • I hear you Jas. People seem to really gloss over how much work it takes to change blockages or thought patterns. The internet is great, but its also a pile of bullshit sometimes. As a reiki practitioner and someone in the intuitive field, even I get fed up sometimes with the floaty “you can do it if you just affirm” posts. Its not that simple, you need to truly believe in the process and be able to have 100% confidence in yourself and your ability to develop and grow.

    I honestly believe that the problem is, there is a lack of authenticity on the internet. No one shows the process, just the end result. We also have this “work hard or don’t work at all” mentality. What I would say to that is, we just need to make sure we are balanced. Hard work is great, time off is great. But having balance and living OUR OWN authentic life is what we should strive for.

    Listen to the Gary Vee’s, but also listen to yourself. While people like Gary are super successful, it may not always be the best way for us to succeed. Gary knows Gary, Gary does not know Jas. You know yourself, so take the lessons from these highly successful people, and apply it in a way that works for YOU. I like to say borrow advice, don’t copy it exactly.

    Trust you know you, and that you will do whatever is for your own highest good. That’s the only way we can wade through the BS.

    Jennifer Manthey
  • It’s TRUE. We are inundated with everyone else’s dreams and goals that it’s really hard to focus on who you are and what YOU want. I recommend a book by Dr. Robert Holden called Success Intelligence. It’s about defi and ing what success means to you and authentically working towards that. You do amazing work…don’t let the facebook grind you down.


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