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What does "beta" mean:

A beta version of a program, game etc... is an unfinished version released to either the public a select few or whoever signs up to beta test it for bugs or glitches. 

SO before you apply for the $297 BETA WORDPRESS (made with Divi) WEBSITE installation, please understand:

Requirements: Must have WP admin set up + hosting (to have me set this up is a $99 fee)

1. The entire point of this site is to have a drag and drop theme set up for you (based off your industry) and you just replace your content and pictures 

2. It is NOT supposed to be complicated.

3. It is NOT A CUSTOM WEBSITE.... (you can hire me for $5K if you want me to change shit and make it look like your "vision") 

4. You get a tutorial on how to update your website. I'll be around to help as much as I can - but I have my limits and a full roster of clients. 

5. It's not for everyone. This is for someone who is ok with a basic website while you're in the first stages of your business.

6. You are responsible for maintaining your plugins and backing up your website. 

7. Every site comes with an API key.

8. All sites can be upgraded to SEO for $57. 

So if you want a site, these are my rules. I am still perfecting the process and this is a learning experience for me too.